Oscar yi Hou


“Giantesses Among Us” (June 2021)
Excerpt from Texts on Giantesses, the limited-edition companion publication for Amanda Ba’s solo exhibition “The Incorrigible Giantess” at PM/AM Gallery.

“These are the neuroses of my world. In Ba’s world, instead, her Giantesses exist as blasé myth—mythically cool. They romp in lightning storms, bum cigarettes, rub themselves against the earth without catching any dirt. They are naked, but not erotic; giants, but not exotic. The unspectacular quality of their nakedness and mass means that we take it a priori that they are giant women, as a simple matter of fact, as something that needs no contest or discussion—they are simply Giantesses. They possess nothing special by way of ontology. They just are.->Email PM/AM to read more.