Oscar yi Hou

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Upcoming: James Fuentes Gallery, October 2024

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Nov 2022
Artsy Vanguard with Simon Wu

“It’s the summer of 1982, and I’m waiting in line outside of an East Village bar. The sign above the door states, “DRESS CODE: cycle leather & Western gear, levis and jocks.” Do I look butch enough? Later in the year, Vincent Chin will be murdered in Detroit, but that’s not yet news. For now, I’m trying to get into Mineshaft and I can’t find my friend who dragged me out to begin with. Apparently, Michel Foucault is inside.->”       

July 2023
Brooklyn Rail with Andrew Woolbright

“I think the language the paintings create is a sense of mutualism, but also complexity, encryption. The signs—the objects, symbols, the language fragments—are a form of mutually encrypted code, protected through a cipher. And the cipher is the You-I relationship that I share with the subject. I’m interested in opacity, and honoring opacity, in the way that Édouard Glissant wrote a lot about... ->”       

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