2021       B.A Visual Arts, Columbia University in the City of New York (pending)

2015       Inaugural Open Exhibition, ARTShub47, Liverpool
2016       Liverpool Art Fair, The Gallery, Liverpool
2016       Open Exhibition, Editions, Liverpool
2016       [2-PERSON EXHIBITION] CAPTURED MOMENTS, Road Studios, Liverpool
2016       Home, ARTShub47, Liverpool
2016       A-Level Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy (online)
2017       Open Exhibition, Editions, Liverpool
2018       QTPOC Art Gallery, CIRCA, New York City
2018       "I Am Healing," New York City
2019       Small Things, Postcrypt Art Gallery, NYC
2019       Chinosity Experience, Asia Society, NYC

            “Art Hoe Collective Meets Lorna Simpson” Tate Gallery (July, 2016), Online video. «»
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"In Which Humanness Rests" Journal of Art Criticism, (Spring 2019), Print.

2019       Robert Gamblin Painting Award, Columbia University