SUSU RAWWAGAH 20:05, Mon, June 10th 2019
British-Chinese artist Oscar yi Hou is a jack of many trades: though first and foremost an accomplished visual artist, yi Hou has dabbled in photography, music, and design and is now based in New York City, where he studies visual arts at Columbia University. Exploring themes of personhood, sexuality, Chinese diaspora, and young adulthood, yi Hou’s portraits embrace, in his words, the “idea of life from the assertion of the personal and the subjectification of subjects in opposition to the objectivization.” Made up of determined brushstrokes and thick, vibrant layers, yi Hou’s portraits are also impressive feats of texture and technique. Intensely and carefully detailed, you could spend hours studying his paintings, following the brushstrokes, tracing the depth, and deciphering the doodles in the margins. But perhaps more striking is yi Hou’s unique ability to vividly capture his tender, often intimate relationships with his subjects, inviting the viewer into introspective reflections of self, experience, and identity. We sat down with yi Hou in his studio to learn more about his pieces, the influences behind his artistry, and what it means for him to succeed as an artist [...] <>

AMANDA BA 00:10, Thurs, Jan 25th, 2018
Oscar yi Hou is a young British Chinese artist currently studying visual arts at Columbia University. He is from Liverpool, Britain, and his parents are from Guangdong, China. His paintings are tender and thoughtful reflections of self, life, and experience.  The proximity of his subjects can be felt through his determined brushstrokes and solicitous rendering as he explores the Chinese diaspora, the confines of gender and sexuality, and his own coming of age.

13:03, Fri, Jan 12th, 2018
Oscar yi Hou is a young artist based in New York City. He is from Liverpool, UK, and his parents are from Guangdong, China.

He studies at Columbia University, loves his friends, and likes long walks on the beach